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Psychiatric Health Nursing

The Dept. of Pharmacology at College of Pharmacy, Kannur Medical College is equipped with all sophisticated instruments like Electro-Convulsiometer , Radiant heat Analgesiometer, Rotarod apparatus, Actophotometer, Cooks pole climbing apparatus etc., enabling students to get a better knowledge on both theoretical and experimental aspects of modern drug practice. Also the various experiments performed on different isolated tissue preparations using Sherrington apparatus helps the students to get a clear view on comparing the effects of drugs both In-Vivo and In-Vitro.

Apart from this, detailed investigation on toxicological effects of various drug preparations on laboratory animals are being carried successfully as per the CPCSEA guidelines. The college has a well maintained animal house as per the guidelines of CPCSEA.

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College of Nursing, Kannur Medical College Hospital was established in the year 2005.The course is affiliated in the Kerala Nurses and Midwifery Council and INC.

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